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The Hack Summit 2020

Let's continue THS20! Watch over 100 specially prepared VoD speeches and recordings from the live part:
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Academic Partners Foundation National Center for Cyberspace Security

The Hack Summit 2020

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About THS

_The Hack Summit is a continuation of What The H@ck conference under a new brand, from its main originator and organizer.

As before, you can expect a dozen tracks about broadly understood IT security, lectures by top speakers from Poland and all over Europe – all in a NEW HYBRID FORMULA!

How does it work?

The new formula will give you more than you can expect:

  1. Watch like on Netfix before the conference:
    video and audio recordings of about 80 lectures from 10 thematic tracks
  2. Even before the conference:
    ask questions, comment, evaluate
  3. On the day of the conference take part in a live online event consisting of:
    • Main Stage track
    • about 80 short live summaries of previously available lectures
    • more then 80 Q&A sessions and discussion panels
    • IT Sec Expo
  4. On the 1st day before and on the day of the event:
    take part in stationary, in Warsaw, BlueParty and RedParty (if the COVID-19 situation allows them to be organized) CANCELED 😢
  5. After the conference:
    watch the recordings from the live broadcast and enjoy access to previously shared lectures and speeches from the Main Stage track transmitted LIVE on the conference day

Why is it worth

High quality content
  • About 10 thematic tracks

  • More than 80 speakers: from enthusiasts, through business practitioners, uniformed services, to scientists.

  • 30-minute speeches available in the VoD system before the event + the Main Stage and Q&A sessions live on the day of the conference

  • Unique workshops led by world-class specialists

Content for people with different professional profiles
  • Cyber-security technical specialists

  • Special services and public administration

  • Managers

  • Non-technical cyber security specialists

  • Architects, programmers, Sys/DevOps

  • All those interested in the attacks, defense, fuckups and conclusions from them

Networking and knowledge sharing
  • Most of the Polish IT security community in one place

  • Live discussion panels and Q&A sessions on the day of the conference

  • The largest IT security service and job fair in Poland

  • Stationary pre and afterparty with great drinks ;)

Comfort of participation and extra attractions
  • Unique formula that gives you as much as possible

  • POINTS FOR CERTIFICATE – participation in the event is 11 CPE points

  • Participation fully online through a Participant's Account

  • Access to lectures divided into multiple tracks, even a week before the conference

  • Convenient Saturday term

  • Affordable ticket price

  • Prize-winning contests

The event is recommended

  • WC WAT
  • PW WEiTI
  • ISSA
  • PTI
  • PIIT
  • Niebezpiecznik
„It gives me a great pleasure to be here and to take part in The Hack Summit, one of the best places in Poland for sharing knowledge and summarizing 2020 developments. Join us and enjoy the live-experience presentations with engaging stories and technical demos. Let’s rock the 2021!“

Paulina Januszkiewicz / CEO and Founder, CQURE

„The Hack Summit is a project in which NCBC shares its often unique knowledge with the ITSec community. We invite you to join!“

gen. bryg. Karol Molenda / Director, National Center for Cyber Security

„We invite you for a large dose of knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.“

płk dr inż. Mariusz Chmielewski / Deputy Director, National Center for Cyber Security

„Share your knowledge, you can only win.“

Michał Sajdak / IT Security Consultant, Securitum


Piotr Konieczny / Chief Information Security Officer,

Areas covered

  • Red Teaming / Blue Teaming
  • Incident analysis
  • Security Operations Center
  • IT Security Architecture
  • IT security management
  • Fuckups / Crashes from IT security area
  • Security
    • hardware,
    • software,
    • mobile technologies,
    • cloud,
    • Microsoft solutions,
    • critical infrastructure,
    • industrial / SCADA / IoT,
    • Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies,
    • AI / ML / Big Data
  • Construction / Development / Software architecture for security
  • Bug hunting / Fuzzing / Exploiting
  • Malware
  • Reverse engineering
  • Cybercrime and computer forensics
  • Fight against abuse
  • Special Services / Police / Europol / Military
  • Attacks: DDoS, networked, socio-technical
  • IT Security Audit
  • Law and IT Security
  • Fight for privacy and anonymity on the web


Meet the Speakers of The Hack Summit 2020:


Participant limit: 25
Hackers Unplugged: Forensics and Incident Handling


Paula Januszkiewicz
03-04/12/20 (2 days), Online
Target audience
IT professionals, Forensics and Incident Handling Specialists, Security Consultants, Enterprise Administrators, Infrastructure Architects, Security Professionals, Systems Engineers, Network Administrators and other people responsible for implementing network and perimeter security.
See details
Participant limit: 25
Hackers Unplugged: Advanced Active Directory Attacks


Michael Grafnetter ,
Mike Jankowski-Lorek
03-04/12/20 (2 days), Online
Target audience
Enterprise administrators, infrastructure architects, security professionals, system engineers, network administrators, IT professionals, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing network security, security administrators, engineers and architects. The content will be highly technical and unsuitable for people who are afraid of command-line interfaces.
See details
Participant limit: 24
Implementing an Easy to Manage Whitelisting Solution


Sami Laiho
04/12/20 (1 day), Online
Technical professionals (Junior and up) or project managers responsible of security projects

What will you learn?
✚ How Whitelisting works
✚ How to implement whitelisting
✚ How to manage whitelisting
✚ How to troubleshoot whitelisting
See details


This year's agenda is divided into speeches available on demand, which you can watch at any time and live broadcasts on the conference day:

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The session summarizes the following lectures:

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IMPORTANT:details of speeches within a session you can find in the VoD table.
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Program Council

Karol Molenda Karol MOLENDANational Cyber Security Center
Mariusz Chmielewski Mariusz CHMIELEWSKINational Cyber Security Center
Łukasz Jędrzejczak Łukasz JĘDRZEJCZAKNational Cyber Security Center
Artur Józefiak Artur JÓZEFIAKAccenture
Paula Januszkiewicz Paula JANUSZKIEWICZCQURE
Mike Jankowski-Lorek Mike JANKOWSKI-LOREKCQURE
Paweł Gruszecki Paweł GRUSZECKIDomański Zakrzewski Palinka
Michał Kurek Michał KUREKKPMG
Sebastian Burgemejster Sebastian BURGEMEJSTERIIA Poland
Krzysztof Szczypiorski Krzysztof SZCZYPIORSKIWydział Elektroniki i Technik Informacyjnych, PW
Ireneusz Tarnowski Ireneusz TARNOWSKI
Józef Sulwiński Józef SULWIŃSKISEQRED
Rafał Kasprzyk Rafał KASPRZYKWydział Cybernetyki, WAT
Zbigniew Świerczyński Zbigniew ŚWIERCZYŃSKIMILSTAR
Paweł Pławiak Paweł PŁAWIAKCBSG Polska
Artur Byszko Artur BYSZKOAfine
Adam Jakóbaszek Adam JAKÓBASZEKISACA
Wojciech Pilszak Wojciech PILSZAKe-Detektywi
Mariusz Belka Mariusz BELKAISSA Polska
Mateusz Kułach Mateusz KUŁACHING Bank Śląski
Paweł Kordos Paweł KORDOSKMD
Michał Bijata Michał BIJATAAcademic Partners Foundation
Anna Feliksbrot Anna FELIKSBROTAcademic Partners Foundation


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